by Narrow Head



Narrow Head's Debut LP released through Floodlight Records.
Pre-Orders will be available in May.



400 - BLACK


released March 14, 2016



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Track Name: Necrosis
Crumble beneath me
Your pain caused me to feel
I leave earth to ask you why you failed
You’re fading to blue
I’d hope to see you up in the clouds
Track Name: Feels Like Sand
I feel a bit of pleasure now
Scratching through, my skin is torn now
Pull the knife out, crawl in to me
It feels like sand
You feel like sand
I fall when it gets dark out
Scratching through, my skin is torn now
Pull the knife (of me)
Crawl in again (to me)
Track Name: Ashtray
Calling late, just a friend
Maybe she’ll want me more
It’s just so far from me
When closing my eyes I can see the other world
Wide awake once again, maybe I just want more

Calling late, just a friend
Maybe she’ll need me more
You’re so far away
When closing your eyes you can see through the other world

So let it out, safe and sound
Leave me out and I’ll be found
Don’t try to escape It’s just pulling us down
Let it go and don’t say its ok
We’re spinning fast
Track Name: Cool In Motion
When you feel left out take this with me
The feeling is cool in motion
I’m numb from the waist down, feeling sorrow
We spend another life alone, feeling nothing
It all falls out and leads to nothing
Its wearing off, it feels cool in motion
We’re wasting away, dying slow please fall in to me now
Track Name: Stay
Get out, I never want to leave
Alone again is time well spent
Falling deep in to a void
Crashing down a darker path
Letting go of a world I know
Dying slow all alone in peace
Alone again, I feel your doubt
Just watch me sleep for now
Fall down
If i stay, leave me now
Track Name: Nancy France
Stay close, we don’t see things how they should be
We’re too slow but feeling alright
You’re a let down. Can I just die now?
Lay close, are you overwhelmed?
We die alone and when its over its alright
Track Name: Paranoid Hands
Lie around in the dark
No words can explain where I am now
Hear me out
With paranoid hands I keep a clean slate
Wasted days spent on the floor
Too much to retain
It’s obvious now I’m filled with doubt
My paranoid hands keep a clean slate
Track Name: Wallflower
I found that all along you’re a liar
Does it feel so wrong?
Play tonight just be honest
Does it feel so wrong?
Allow my eyes to dry outI think I’m running down
Just bored, left out
I think I’m letting go
Theres no time to waste now
I’m scared of running out
Just bored, left out
I think I’m running now
Track Name: It's Whatever To Me
Tell yourself who you are now because it’s getting hard to see
Just leave now, you’re better off finding someone else
Fate is calling, it’s forever to me
Lately falling is whatever to me
Lose yourself
Forgetting names now
It’s dark enough to see
Dream about who you are finding someone else
Fate is forever to me and falling down is whatever to me
Track Name: Uncover
Breathe in (I’m) left out
Crying out for help
No one listens when you’re dead
You say “uncover my eyes now"
I watch you crawl to me
I’m cutting your throat out
Face is numb, dead now
Crying becomes dull
Cutting my wrists,
I don’t feel well
Track Name: See You Around
Slow down, there’s too many around
Our days are numbered now
It’s colder than it was before
You’re gone with the wind and now you’ve fallen down
Are you ready now?
We’re alone with your bones close enough to touch
Sorry for leaving you again
The days when we were friends have left us with the fall
I’m torn and gone with the wind
Hey, I’ll be seeing you around someday